TOOLweb® RGA Process and Chamber Environment Monitor Software

TOOLweb® RGA is an automated platform for the control and monitoring of process-specific RGA and other general sensors on various semiconductor tools. Comprising of sensor hardware, a tool connectivity module and software for real-time control and web-based data review, TOOLweb® RGA monitors the tool chamber environment both during and between periods of wafer processing and after a pump-down.

TOOLweb® RGA can function either as a stand-alone "tool level" product or as a component part of tool group or FAB wide installation. Information can be exported in real-time for both raw data calculated indices for use by external FDC systems such as MKS FABstat multivariate analysis software. TOOLweb® RGA re-integrates the results from the internal and external data processing to allow a complete reporting and alarming capability on both a per tool and cross tool basis with full tool and factory host integration available through a variety of flexible methods.

TOOLweb® Screenshot Gallery

photo - TOOLweb RGA Dashboard photo- TOOLweb RGA standard report TOOLweb RGA raw sensor data