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We design, develop and innovate advanced products which help our customers solve critical challenges. Our products are derived from our core competencies in pressure, vacuum , flow, gas and vapor delivery, analysis, automation and control, plasma, power, light and motion control. We are organized in two divisions, Vacuum and Analysis and Light and Motion. Each division has a number of Business Units.

Vacuum and Analysis Division

Pressure and Vacuum Measurement Solutions

This business unit encompasses both direct and indirect pressure measurement and includes the industry leading brands Baratron® Capacitance Manometers and Granville-Phillips® gauge products.

Baratron® Pressure Measurement Products are typically used to measure the pressure of the gases being distributed upstream of the process chamber, as well as process chamber pressures and pressures between process chambers, vacuum pumps and exhaust lines.

Automatic pressure and vacuum control products enable precise control of process pressure by electronically actuating valves that control the flow of gases in and out of the process chamber to minimize the difference between desired and actual pressure in the chamber.

Granville-Phillips® Vacuum Gauging Products, such as vacuum measurement sensors and transducers complement Baratron® capacitance manometers for use in medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum ranges. Granville-Phillips® gauges are widely used for vacuum measurement in many applications including Semiconductor processes, solar cell processes, industrial processes including coating, vacuum based analytical instruments and biopharm applications.

Integrated Process Solutions

This business unit specializes in custom product integration, by designing and manufacturing precision mechanical assemblies Integrated Process Solutions can improve system performance. Integration often includes MKS vacuum isolation valves, pressure controllers, stainless steel manifolds, vacuum components and heater jackets. Additionally Integrated Process Solutions provides a complete suite of standard vacuum hardware, heater jackets, traps and biopharm filter housings.

Traps and heated lines are typically used downstream of the vacuum process chamber to control process effluent gases by preventing condensable materials from depositing particles near or back into the process chamber. Working with our design engineers customers can expect to see improvements in tool uptime and/or yield.

Custom Vacuum Solutions

This group provides custom subcontract manufacturing of components, electromechanical assemblies and analytic instruments for the scientific and semiconductor industries to Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) standards. Recent subcontract manufacturing projects include UHV vacuum chambers, vessel & housing fabrication, manufacture of vacuum systems and subsystems, and build and test of scientific and analytical instruments.

Flow Solutions

The MKS family of Flow Solutions includes mass flow controllers (MFC), in-situ mass flow verifiers, and flow ratio controllers which accurately and repeatably divide gas flows into precise flow streams to multiple points in the process.

Valve Solutions

The MKS family of isolation valves solutions includes bellows-sealed poppet valves and ball valves. These utilize manual, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuators, and are available in angle and inline configurations. Our pressure control valve line includes high performance butterfly, with integrated controllers or remote controllers. MKS valve products are optimized for high performance in very demanding advanced vacuum processes.

Plasma and Reactive Gas Solutions

Plasma and Reactive Gas Solutions offer products that create reactive species used to facilitate various chemical reactions in processing of thin films (deposition of films, etching and cleaning of films and surface modifications). These products include remote plasma generators of atomic fluorine and other species, microwave-based subsystems for oxygen and hydrogen chemistries, as well as ozone gas generators, multi-channel subsystems and ozonated water delivery systems for use in semiconductor, solar and flat panel processing applications.

Power Solutions

The Power Solutions business unit develops advanced continuous and pulsed radio frequency (RF) power delivery systems, RF matching networks and metrology products and direct current (DC) power. These products provide energy to various thin film etching, stripping and deposition processes. Our RF power amplifiers are also used in medical imaging equipment.

Process and Environmental Analysis Solutions

This business unit develops optical based analytical solutions to monitor gases in process industries and environmental applications including oil and gas, engine and continuous emissions monitoring, hazardous chemical monitoring and gas purity monitoring. Products are based on several technologies including FTIR, NDIR and Tunable Filter Spectroscopy.

Mass Spectrometry Solutions

MKS Mass Spectrometry Solutions provide a powerful and flexible range of proven products for gas analysis applications from high vacuum to atmospheric pressure, in a wide range of markets and applications. The product family includes component Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA's), innovative in-situ process monitoring systems and bench top or rack mounted analytical instruments. Each product line can be configured as a web-enabled sensor-through to an integrated, application-specific package with customized software. The MKS Mass Spectrometry Solutions team is uniquely capable of providing customized solutions through special engineering support and an experienced, global applications engineering team.

MKS Mass Spectrometry Solutions can provide you a competitive advantage where in-situ vacuum process monitoring (or semi or non-semi related processes), leak detection (to analyze system gas loads resulting from real leaks), chamber wall outgassing, or perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of a range of gases is required.

Automation and Control Solutions

The MKS Automation and Control Solutions business unit develops both customized and off the shelf controllers and automation systems for a variety of applications and markets. Our family of automation solutions consists of fieldbus gateways, remote IO devices, multi-zone temperature controllers, process monitoring solutions, fault detection systems with embedded analytics, and fully programmable automation controllers.

Light and Motion Division

Lasers Group

The lasers Group includes Spectra-Physics a proven volume supplier of industrial lasers for PCB, FPD, semiconductor , LED, and PV manufacturing as well as marking, LIDAR, medical, bio-instrumentation, bio-imaging, industrial manufacturing, scientific research and attoscience/CEP.

Ophir Global

The Ophir group is a global leader in precision IR optics, laser measurement instrumentation and 3D non-contact measurement equipment.

Photonics Group

The Photonics group includes optical components and subsystems and precision automation.

Instruments and Integrated Solutions Group

The Instruments and Integrated Solutions group includes photonics instrumentation, sub-micron positioning systems, and vibration isolation.

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