Executive Team & MKS Fellows

Executive Team

John T.C. Lee
President & Chief Executive Officer

Seth H. Bagshaw
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Kathleen F. Burke
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Mark M. Gitin
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Light & Motion Division

David P. Henry
Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Project Management Office & Global Service

Jennifer J. Reilly
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

James A. Schreiner
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Francis J. Tan
Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Eric R. Taranto
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Vacuum & Analysis Division

John Williams
Vice President & General Manager, Equipment & Solutions Division

MKS Fellows

  • Jim Kafka
    Chief Technology Officer,
  • Jan Kleinert
    Research Director,
    Equipment & Solutions Division
  • Mike L'Bassi
    Senior Director of Engineering,
    Flow Solutions
  • Christiane Le Tiec
    Chief Technology Officer,
    Plasma & Reactive Gas Solutions
  • Aaron Radomski
    Chief Technology Officer,
    Power Solutions
  • Vyacheslav M. "Slava" Ryaboy
    Chief Mechanical Engineer
    Photonics Solutions
  • Steve Utter
    Senior Director of Engineering