Ground-breaking Solutions to
Complex Technology Challenges

MKS Instruments, Inc. is a global provider of instruments, systems, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, monitor, deliver, analyze, power and control critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity for our customers.

Our products are derived from our core competencies in pressure measurement and control, flow measurement and control, gas and vapor delivery, gas composition analysis, electronic control technology, reactive gas generation and delivery, power generation and delivery, vacuum technology, lasers, photonics, optics, precision motion control, vibration control and laser-based manufacturing systems solutions.

Shaping Industries Through Innovation

MKS Instruments has a proud history of innovations and inventions that have shaped the evolution of the key industries we serve. We hold over 2,200 patents, our team includes more than 900 scientists and engineers, and we have achieved many "best product" awards. Our ability to understand customers' strategic objectives and apply leading edge science, engineering and technology has led consistently to breakthroughs that have changed what is possible.

We also provide services relating to the maintenance and repair of our products, installation services and training. Our primary served markets include semiconductor, industrial technologies, life and health sciences, research and defense.

Market-Leading Solutions


Unlocking the Future of Electronics

Fabricating semiconductor devices involves four broad processes: deposition, removal, patterning, and modification of electrical properties. MKS Instruments is there to help you succeed at every step. The semiconductor industry continually faces new challenges as products become smaller, more powerful and highly mobile. Ultra-thin layers, smaller critical dimensions, new materials, 3D structures, and the ongoing need for higher yield and productivity drive the need for tighter process measurement and control. Learn More

Industrial Technologies illustration

Industrial Technologies
Enabling a Wide Range of Precision Applications in Some of the World's Largest Industries

Industrial Technologies encompasses a wide range of diverse applications such as glass coating, laser marking, measurement and scribing, natural gas and oil production, environmental monitoring and electronic thin films. Electronic thin films are a primary component of numerous electronic products including flat panel displays, light emitting diodes, solar cells and data storage media. Learn More

Life & Health Sciences illustration

Life & Health Sciences
Enabling the Scientific Discovery of New Approaches to Treating Diseases

Our products for Life and Health Sciences are used in a diverse array of applications including bio imaging, medical instrument sterilization, medical device manufacturing, analytical, diagnostic and surgical instrumentation, consumable medical supply manufacturing and pharmaceutical production. Learn More

Research & Defense illustration

Research & Defense
Helping Researchers to Advance the Fundamental Theories of Physics and Chemistry

Our products for Research are used by government, university and industrial laboratories for applications involving research and development in materials science, physical chemistry, photonics, optics and electronics materials. Our products for Defense are used for monitoring and defense applications including surveillance, imaging and infrastructure protection. Newport's Technology and Applications Center (TAC) develops application-specific solutions for our research customers' applications. Learn More