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  E-VISION-2 Residual Gas Analyzer, General Purpose, e-Vision 2


  • Mass Range
    100 or 200 amu
  • Maximum Analyzer Operating Pressure
    1e-4 Torr (1.3e-4 mbar)
  • Ion Source Sensitivity
    2e-4 A/mbar
  • Minimum Detectable Concentration
    2e-11 Torr (2.6e-11 mbar) Faraday
    5e-14 Torr (6.7e-14 mbar) Multiplier
  • Bake Out Temperature
    250°C with electronics removed
  • Operating Temperature
    200°C Faraday only with electronics 10-40°C
    150°C Multiplier with electronics 10-40°C and pressure <1e-8 mbar
    90°C Multiplier with electronics 10-40°C and pressure <1e-5 mbar
  • Filaments
    Tungsten or Thoria Coated Iridium
  • Compliance
    CE (control unit)
  • Control Method
    CE operating system processor with web-server interface
  • Data Acquisition Method
    Dedicated realtime acquisition processor
  • Mass Stability
    ±0.1 amu over 8 hours at stable ambient
  • Command Structure
    Documented ASCII command protocols
  • Communication
    10/100 Base-T Ethernet, static or automatically assigned IP addresses
  • Data Collection Methods
    Analog scanning, full mass range 8, 16 or 32 points/amu
    Barchart scanning
    Peak-jump collection of up to 15 peaks per scan
  • Data Acquisition Speed
    <3ms per point for analog scans
  • Electron Energy & Emission Current
    40 or 70eV fixed (set in web configuration)
  • Filament Protection
    Opto-isolated input for filament protect or control with auto detection of presence of the jack plug as failsafe
  • Filter length
    4 in. (100 mm)
  • Settling Time
  • Software
    Built-in web applications allowing RGA control and data acquisition without installed software using web browser on any PC


Sensor Performance

Field proven MKS quadrupole mass analyzers, with twin filaments as standard, ensure minimum downtime during critical diagnostic testing. The RGA is available with an optional dual detector including a faraday detector and microchannel plate electron multiplier for detection to e-14 mbar.

Electronics Performance

Data acquisition occurs through all solid state, wide dynamic range, fast settling detector electronics. This technology prevents large peaks from causing false positive measurements on small peaks. Temperature stabilized critical components mean that signal stability and baseline drift are improved, allowing the unit to be used without frequent recalibration if the vacuum chamber is stable but ambient air temperature fluctuates.

Built-in Web Application

A web interface using industry standard technology allows control of the e-Vision 2 as well as calibration, operation and data export through a non platform-specific web browser from anywhere on a network. Using the ASCII protocol and TCP-IP communication, any third party software can send and receive commands and data from the e-Vision 2.

Built-in web application for e-Vision 2 control and data acquisition
EasyView software for more sophisticated data management and control of multiple RGAs

EasyView Software

In addition to the standard, built-in web applications, software control is also available through an optional Windows application, offering the best possible fit to any customer requirement. The field proven software provides basic RGA controls but with more functionality than the built-in web application.

  • Store RGA data and recall it back into the Recall viewer
  • Annotate graphs with notes
  • Run several RGAs from one software package


The e-Vision 2 is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Leak detection of vacuum lines, welds and seals
  • Vacuum diagnostics
  • Pump down monitoring
  • Chamber bakeout monitoring
  • Leak checking of coolant lines within a vacuum chamber
  • Chamber contaminant monitoring
  • Monitor cryo-pump performance
  • Monitor getter performance

e-Vision 2 in use as a troubleshooting tool on vacuumbased surface analysis equipment

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