Vision 2000-C and Vision 2000-E RGA
RGA for CVD and Etch Processes

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Vision 2000-C and Vision 2000-E incorporate "smart head" RGA technology from Microvision 2 with a closed ion source and close-coupled inlet. This state-of-the-art RGA technology is integrated with Process Eye Professional control platform, a recipe-based, user-configurable software program. The combination of closed ion source and automated inlet allows seamless monitoring of the complete CVD or Etch process cycle, from base vacuum to process pressures of up to 700 Torr.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enables precision end-point characterization and process optimization
  • Provides insight into etch rate variations
  • Decreases time to production and time to ramp


The Vision 2000-C™ and Vision 2000-E are designed to track levels of various gas species during etch processes and the chamber clean, passivation sequences, and deposition steps for various CVD processes.