355 Micro-Ion® Transducer
(1x10-9 to 5x10-2 Torr)
Hot Cathode Vacuum Transducer

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The MKS Micro-Ion® Transducer combines the world's smallest ionization gauge with the control electronics to create a compact, convenient, reliable, and cost-saving solution for many high vacuum applications. This Micro-Ion® vacuum gauge includes many features that provide for a much more accurate and repeatable measurement than traditional Bayard-Alpert gauges from 5 x 10-2 Torr to 10-9 Torr. The all-metal package provides a rugged enclosure and a high level of immunity to electrical noise. High performance in a small volume is achieved though a number of enhancements including a patented dual ion collector design that optimizes electron motion and ion collection.

The 355 transducer is available with analog output, RS485 or DeviceNet interfaces. The analog output and DeviceNet versions have a digital display option for convenient, point-of-use pressure readout.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact, convenient, reliable, cost-saving vacuum measurement
  • Vacuum pressure measurement to 10-9 Torr (10-9 mbar, 10-7 Pa)
  • Dual filaments increase equipment uptime
  • Ultra-clean construction allows rapid response during pump down
  • Rugged, all-metal, RF and noise-immune module is CE compliant
  • Optional local display aids in setup and diagnostics
  • RS485 and DeviceNet digital interfaces available
  • Provides increased long term stability over traditional designs


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Part NumberDescriptionFittingCommunicationRelaysDisplayUnitsPriceQTY
355400-0-YE-TTransducer, Yttria FilamentNW25KFAnalog0NoTorrQuote Only
355600-0-YE-TTransducer, Yttria FilamentNW25KFAnalog0YesTorrQuote Only
355410-1-YE-TTransducer, Yttria FilamentNW25KFRS-4851NoTorrQuote Only
355420-2-YE-TTransducer, Yttria FilamentNW25KFDeviceNet2NoTorrQuote Only
355620-2-YE-TTransducer, Yttria FilamentNW25KFDeviceNet2YesTorrQuote Only
355620-2-TG-TTransducer, Tungsten Filament2.75 inch ConflatDeviceNet2YesTorrQuote Only
355001-YDReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW16KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
355001-YEReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW25KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
355001-YKReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW40KFn/an/an/aQuote Only
355001-YHReplacement Gauge, Yttria Filament1/2 inch VCR malen/an/an/aQuote Only
355001-YFReplacement Gauge, Yttria Filament1.33 inch Conflatn/an/an/aQuote Only
355001-YGReplacement Gauge, Yttria Filament2.75 inch Conflatn/an/an/aQuote Only
355001-YMReplacement Gauge, Yttria FilamentNW16KFLn/an/an/aQuote Only
355001-TEReplacement Gauge, Tungsten FilamentNW25KFn/an/an/aQuote Only

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