355 Micro-Ion® Bayard-Alpert Vacuum Gauges
(5x10-10 to 5x10-2 Torr)
Bayard-Alpert style hot-cathode ionization vacuum gauges

photo - MKS, Granville-Phillips 355 Micro-Ion Bayard-Alpert Vacuum Gauges

MKS, Granville-Phillips® 355 Micro-Ion® Hot-cathode Bayard-Alpert Ionization Vacuum Gauges are the smallest Bayard-Alpert style gauges. They are more rugged and wider range than glass gauges. In addition, they generate less heat and provide greater burnout resistance.

355 Micro-Ion® Hot-cathode Bayard-Alpert Ionization Vacuum Gauges offer a host of advantages over glass gauges. At less than 5% of the volume of a glass gauge, it mounts in almost any location on your system. Its all-metal design eliminates costly downtime that can result from glass gauge breakage. The 355 Micro-Ion® Hot-cathode Bayard-Alpert Ionization Vacuum Gauge unique dual ion collectors and metal envelope provide measurement up to 5 x 10-2 Torr compared to approximately 5 x 10-3 Torr for a glass gauge. Plus, it has an x ray limit equivalent to that of a glass gauge (3 x 10-10 Torr).

355 Micro-Ion® Hot-cathode Bayard-Alpert Ionization Vacuum Gauges' dual, burn-out resistant, yttria-coated iridium filaments provide long life. As a result, you can avoid unscheduled downtime by using the second filament as a backup until the gauge can be replaced during regular maintenance procedures. In addition, the 355 Micro-Ion® Hot-cathode Bayard-Alpert Ionization Vacuum Gauge requires only 8% of the power of a glass gauge, which means less heat to potentially disturb a process or experiment, cause accidental burns, or melt wiring that may come in contact with the gauge.

Features & Benefits:

  • Small size that allows for easy installation in complex, tightly packed vacuum systems
  • Rugged, all-metal design that eliminates costly downtime due to glass breakage
  • Wider usable range compared to glass gauges
  • Dual burn-out resistant filaments that provide long life for increased uptime
  • Lower power requirements that result in less heat generation

Common configurations are listed on the "Configurations" tab below. Contact Customer Service for additional configurations.


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Part NumberFittingFilamentPriceQTY
355001-YA3/4 inch portYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YB15 mm portYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YC18 mm portYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YJ1 inch portYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YH1/2 inch VCR femaleYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YF1.33 inch ConFlatYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YG2.75 Inch ConFlatYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YDNW16KFYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YENW25KFYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-YKNW40KFYttria-coated IridiumQuote Only
355001-TA3/4 inch portTungstenQuote Only
355001-TB15 mm portTungstenQuote Only
355001-TC18 mm portTungstenQuote Only
355001-TJ1 inch portTungstenQuote Only
355001-TH1/2 inch VCR femaleTungstenQuote Only
355001-TF1.33 inch ConFlatTungstenQuote Only
355001-TG2.75 Inch ConFlatTungstenQuote Only
355001-TDNW16KFTungstenQuote Only
355001-TENW25KFTungstenQuote Only
355001-TKNW40KFTungstenQuote Only

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