Vision 2000-P
Process Monitor RGA
for Select Pressure & PVD Applications

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Vision 2000-P incorporates "smart head" RGA technology from Microvision 2 with a closed ion source and close-coupled inlet. This state-of-the-art RGA technology is integrated with Process Eye Professional control platform, a recipe based, user-configurable software program. The advanced technology available in the Vision 2000-P provides simple, effective, PVD process monitoring.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be integrated with a wide variety of PVD tools
  • Remote Vacuum Controller (RVC) for fail-safe PC-based operation and control
  • Available with automated, recipe-based operation


Vision 2000-P monitors contamination levels within semiconductor and thin film PVD process tools and alert conditions that impact yield.

The GEA LYOPLUS System incorporates Vision 2000-P as part of a leak detection and process control tool in freeze-drying units.