937B Digital Combination Vacuum Gauge Controller
Operate multiple cold & hot cathode, Pirani, Piezo, and Baratron® gauges and sensors

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The 937B Digital Combination Vacuum Gauge Controller operates up to six vacuum/pressure sensors simultaneously. This highly flexible vacuum gauge controller supports a wide range of sensor technologies, including cold cathode, hot cathode, standard Pirani, convection Pirani, Baratron® capacitance manometers and absolute Piezo sensors for a measurement range from ultra-high vacuum to above atmospheric pressure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simultaneous readout & control of up to 6 sensors and gauges
  • Operate hot and cold cathodes, Baratron manometers, & Piezo and Pirani sensors concurrently
  • Computer Interface: RS232, RS485 (built in) and Profibus (optional)
  • Modular design can be upgraded or reconfigured in the field
  • Leak test function with bar graph display and audio alarm


With its wide measurement range, the 937B Combination Vacuum Gauge Controller is used in a vast array of vacuum and pressure measurement applications in research, industry, and high technology.

Configure the 937B system:

Add gauge controller boards to the 3 open gauge slots in the base controller under "Configurations" tab below. Find compatible gauges and sensors under the "Related Products" tab.

OR contact MKS Customer Service to assemble a complete 937B system.


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Controller Base (includes RS232/485 communications & US power cord)Quote Only
Controller Base (includes RS232/485 communications & European power cord)Quote Only
100015940Communication Board for Profibus Quote Only
100015267Plug-in Controller Board for 2 Capacitance Manometers or Piezo SensorsQuote Only
100015132Plug-in Controller Board for 2 Convection Pirani Sensors Quote Only
100018446Plug-in Controller Board for Cold Cathode Sensor Quote Only
100015641Plug-in Controller Board for Hot Cathode (MIG/LPN) SensorQuote Only
937B Half-rack controller installation kit Quote Only
100007700Full Rack Mounting Kit (2 Controllers)Quote Only
103150001937B Power cord, 115 VAC Quote Only

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