General Purpose Pressure Controller with Mass Flow Meter

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The GPCMA is a metal-sealed pressure controller with an integral mass flow meter. It is suited for a wide variety of applications requiring pressure control capability from 500 Torr to 100 psi. The GPCMA incorporates the latest in digital flow control electronics along with a well proven, thermally stable pressure sensor and mechanical design. The mass flow meter provides the capability of monitoring mass flow rates as a diagnostic for critical process applications.

The GPCMA digitally controlled pressure controller is available with digital I/O (EtherCAT®, DeviceNet™ or RS485). The digital control electronics utilize the latest in MKS control algorithms providing fast and repeatable response to set point throughout the device control range. Typical response times are less than 1 second dependent on installation conditions. Included is a digital calibration that yields 1% of set point accuracy.

The GPCMA with 4 VCR® fittings is designed with a 1.125 inch (28.6 mm) width and standard 4.88 inch (124 mm overall) length allowing it to fit in standard gas systems. It is also available with 1.125 inch (38.6 mm) IGS compatible c-seal and w-seal configurations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Percent of set point accuracy enables precise process control
  • Temperature compensated pressure sensor maintains tight accuracy over the operating temperature range
  • Embedded user interface allows:
    Easily change device range and units, reducing inventory requirements
    Monitor device functionality and collect in-situ performance data
  • Patented mass flow sensor provides exceptional long-term accuracy and zero stability
  • 10µ inch electropolished 316L per SEMI F-20 surface finish and metal seals enable PC use for high purity applications


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