R*evolution® V AX7696MKS-01
Remote Plasma Source (10 slm Oxygen flow)

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Intelligent Process Control for On-wafer Processing

The innovative R*evolution® V combines field-proven, low-field toroidal plasma technology, intelligent communications, and true power control capabilities. The R*evolution series remote plasma source leads the way in oxygen radical-based applications such as photoresist strip and other surface preparation.

The R*evolution® V remote plasma source integrates a uniquely designed, actively cooled quartz torus plasma chamber, an RF power supply, intelligent power control, and EtherCAT® diagnostics into a compact, self-contained unit for easy installation directly on the tool's process chamber. Delivering up to 10 slm radicals, delivery is controlled with true power accuracy <1% to support the latest equipment supplier requirements in chamber matching.

The R*evolution® V remote plasma source provides high-performance oxygen radical delivery to the wafer, resulting in an extremely clean source and lower cost of ownership.

The R*evolution® V EtherCAT® communication protocol permits near real-time data reporting of critical plasma source operating parameters to the process tool or fab network. EtherCAT® can be used for direct control of the R*evolution® V, or in combination with the analog port, as a data monitoring port only. The R*evolution® V streams intelligent data sets to the tool or fab database to monitor or modify operating parameters to keep process tools running at peak efficiency and to support diagnostic (APC/FDC) applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated, self-contained unit designed for on-chamber installation
  • Quartz plasma applicator, high density for oxygen species
  • Up to 6 kW of plasma power
    Accurate power reproducibility
    Advanced degree of power control <1%
  • Fast, reliable plasma ignition
  • High THD resistance to protect from power facility disturbances in the fab


Applications include photoresist removal, gate nitridation, oxidation, selective etch, and wafer pre-clean.


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