ASTRON® Paragon® AX7700 & AX7710
Reactive Gas Source Platform for New Process Applications
(rated to 6.0 slm NF3 flow)

ASTRON Paragon AX7700/AX7710 Remote Plasma Generator - click to enlarge
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The new ASTRON® Paragon® Reactive Gas Generator is the latest platform in the industry leading family of ASTRON remote plasma sources. Building on the production proven attributes of the existing ASTRON reactive gas generators, Paragon® is designed with improvements and enhancements to enable the next generation of process development. The Paragon® reactive gas generator is designed for NF flows up to 6 slm and pressures up to 10 Torr while maintaining a high gas dissociation rate, allowing for added process flexibility, decreased processing time as well as increased throughput. Based on the MKS patented Low-Field-Toroidal plasma technology, the Paragon® incorporates a new PEO coating that offers superior performance and extended block life.

The Paragon® reactive gas generator is available in two models, the AX7700 with a standard DB25 communication port and the new AX7710 with an EtherCAT communication port. The EtherCAT protocol is optimized for process data and is transported directly within the standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet frame. The EtherCAT slave devices read the data addressed to them while the telegram passes through the device. Similarly, input data are inserted while the telegram passes through. The result is much faster response times in data transfer and subsequently better device control overall.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 6 slm NF3 flow in a compact size for faster clean times
  • >95% dissociation over the entire operating space for maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Improved ignition electronics and operating space expands process flexibility
  • Superior input gas distribution and PEO plasma block coating for enhanced performance and longer block life


The primary application for the Paragon® reactive gas generator is chamber cleaning where excess deposits from the interior walls of CVD process chambers are removed. The Paragon® generates atomic fluorine that reacts with and removes these excess deposits in the chamber. The exhaust gases which are formed are readily scrubbed, minimizing environmental impact. In addition, as a remote plasma source, the Paragon® reduces wear and tear on the process chamber compared to in situ RF methods.