Pressure / Vacuum Measurement

Baratron® Direct Pressure/Vacuum Capacitance Manometers
Granville-Phillips® Vacuum Gauges, Modules & Controllers

MKS is the leader in pressure and vacuum measurement. The MKS family of pressure and vacuum measurement instruments includes:

Capacitance Manometers, Pressure Sensors, Pressure Switches, Pressure Control Subsystems, Vacuum & Pressure Gauges, Vacuum & Pressure Transducers, and Vacuum & Pressure Gauge Controllers.

Indirect Vacuum Gauge Transducers & Modules, Vacuum Gauges, Vacuum Gauge Controllers, and Vacuum Quality Monitors.

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Baratron® Direct (Gas Independent) Pressure/Vacuum Capacitance Manometers (0.01-155,000 Torr)
Granville-Phillips® Indirect Vacuum Gauges