T3Bi High Speed Exhaust Throttle Valve
A throttling valve for pressure control

photo - T3Bi High Speed Exhaust Throttle Valve

T3BIA and T3BiB (RoHS compliant) Intelligent Exhaust Throttle Valves are specifically designed for applications where a simple pressure control system is desired. T3BI throttling valves integrate all control, communication, and driver circuits within a Throttle Valve assembly, eliminating the need for mounting a separate pressure control electronics module. The throttle valve self-tuning control algorithm and high speed operation drives the system to set point fast and with minimum overshoot, and ensures repeatable process recipes without operator involvement.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Speed - faster set point and recovery from flow/pressure disturbances
  • High torque - extends uptime in harsh process conditions
  • Dual channel Baratron® manometer input with range auto switching for high pressure control accuracy
  • Multiple communications protocols available: Analog/RS232/DeviceNet
  • Programmable for pressure, position, or set point limits
  • Heatable (105°C standard, 150°C optional)


T3BIA and T3BiB Intelligent Exhaust Throttle Valves are suitable for "house exhaust" or atmospheric throttle valve applications.


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