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  t2b ethercat exhaust throttle valve with integrated controller T2BA Exhaust Throttle Valve, EtherCAT Communications, Series T2B


  • Type
    T2B EtherCAT® Exhaust Throttle Valve
  • Accuracy
    0.25% of set point, or 5mV (whichever is greater)
  • Control Range
    0.0001%-100% Full Scale (with Dual Transducer Input)
  • Flapper Types
    Non-sealing and low-conductance soft-sealing
  • Operating Temperature
    Motor and Electronics: 0 - 50°C
    Valve Body: 0 - 105°C or optionally up to 150°C
    Storage Temperature: -20 - 80°C
  • Exposed Materials
    Non-sealing Types: 316 SST, Tefzel
    Low closed-conductance soft-sealing Types: 316 SST, Tefzel, PTFE
    Shaft Seal Material: Viton, Kalrez®, Chemraz®, and others
  • Shaft Seal Material
    Viton shaft seals are available for valve body temperatures that will not exceed 105°C and process gases compatible with Viton. For valve body heating as high as 150°C and/or process gas compatibility, various Kalrez and Chemraz compounds are also offered.
  • External Leak Rate
    1 e-9 atm cc/sec
  • Power Requirements
    24 VDC @ <100 W max.
  • Valve Bore and Flange Size
    KF40, KF50, NW63, NW80 and NW100
    Additional sizes available, contact MKS Applications Engineering.
  • Pressure Sensor Power
    An optional integrated power supply can supply up to 650 mW of power for one or two manometers.
  • Nominal Radial Gap
    Standard clearances (Radial Clearance) are appropriate for most applications. Consult MKS for applications with high internal heating.
  • Heatability
    All T2B valves allow the valve body to be heated up to 105°C without concern. T2B valve bodies may be heated up to 150°C with the heatability option and appropriate selection of shaft seal compound.
  • Drive
    Direct drive is the lowest cost and highest speed solution.
    8 in-lb Direct Drive: Ideal for clean processes where the valve is not subject to deposits inside the valve.
    25 in-lb Direct Drive: Suited for slightly depositing processes where the valve may be subject to deposits inside the valve.
    40 in-lb High Torque: Geared Drive Increase available drive torque for the most harsh processes. Utilizes a 20:1 planetary gear box to deliver reliable torque to combat harsh deposits in tough processes like Epi, CVD, MOCVD and others.
  • Communications
    ETG. 5003.1 Common Device Profile; ETG.5003.2030 Process Control Valve.
  • Pressure Input
    T2B with an EtherCAT interface do not include nor need analog connections to the process tool pressure sensors. EtherCAT pressure sensors exchange data to the master and the data is available (typically ~ 1 ms refresh) as standard PDO data to the T2B enabling fast, noise-free, and precise closed-loop pressure control. Communication interfaces other than EtherCAT support up to two analog capacitance manometers.
  • Firmware
    To support copy-exact methodologies, the firmware revision shipped is defined by this code. Re-ordering by the same code assures an identical product when desired. First-time orders where no specific version is noted or required can be identified with a "VV". The T2B unit will be configured and shipped with the most up-to-date firmware available.
  • Compliance


High-speed Stepper Motor

The T2B utilizes a direct drive high-speed stepper motor. The valve driver provides high resolution pressure control. The optional, high torque direct drive motor provides extended uptime and reduces preventative maintenance cycles — a great advantage in demanding processes where just one hour of downtime can cost thousands of dollars. The T2B is also available in geared versions, providing maximum torque and enabling long-term operation in harsh environments. An encoder-based position feedback system is provided for diagnostic purposes.

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