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liquozon ultra ozonated di water system
Ozone Injection System, Ozone Sanitization of DI Water Loop


  • Type
    LIQUOZON® Ultra Ozonated DI Water Loop and Storage Tank
  • Flow Rate
    0-10 gpm, 0-30 gpm, depending on configuration
  • Ozone Concentration
    50 - 2000 ppb (0.05 to 2 µgrams/Liter)
  • Ozone Mixing
    Injector, Flash reactor for mixing ozone into the DI water
  • Ozone Degas Chamber
    Sized to flow rate
  • Ozone Off - Gas Destruct
    High Efficiency heated O3 destruct catalyst
  • Oxygen Concentration
    12 SCFH of 95% O2
  • Cooling Water Flow Required
    3 L/min (0.8 gpm)
  • Cooling Water Filtration Required
    20 microns
  • Cooling Water Temperature Required
    17 - 23°C (63 - 73°F)
  • Cooling Water Quality Required
    Demineralized (resistivity ≥50 KΩ-cm)
  • Wetted Materials
    316L Stainless Steel, Kynar® & Teflon®
  • Mobility
  • Voltage Requirements
    230VAC (±10%)
  • Current Requirements
    20 Amp
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Phase
  • Weight
    1200 - 1500 lbs. depending on configuration


Ozone Production

Ozone is produced via a silent discharge and is injected into the process water. The ozone enriched water is then degassed to remove any bubbles and delivered either into the storage tank or directly into the process loop. Ozone is readily neutralized into benign components through heat. An optional UV Ozone Destruct can be installed to photodissociate the ozone, destroying it before it enters your main water stream. With onboard instrumentation and control, the LIQUOZON Ultra system delivers all the necessary data logging required for process validation. It can be programmed to automatically sanitize your system on a predetermined schedule or it can be operated continuously for TOC and bacterial reduction without the need for additional periodic sanitization. The LIQUOZON Ultra system is skid-mounted, self-contained, completely pre-piped and thoroughly factory tested to reduce installation time.

Continuous Ozonation

Continuous storage tank ozonation to a concentration of 20-50 ppb will prevent TOC build up and contamination of your high purity water, yielding <5 ppb TOC and <5 cfu/100 ml in ambient temperature water systems. By diverting a partial flow of your pure water to the LIQUOZON® Ultra system via a bypass line, the water is treated with ozone to a dissolved concentration between 0.02 - 0.05 mg/l and then returned back to your system in the return line. The UV ozone destruct unit at the beginning of your loop breaks down the ozone to an undetectable level before returning it to your main water stream.

Periodic Ozonation for Sanitization

Very low ozone concentrations in the magnitude of 0.1 to 0.2 mg/l are sufficient to sanitize the distribution loop and keep germ counts below 5 cfu per 100 ml.

With the UV destruct lamp turned off, a partial flow of pure water is taken from the tank via a bypass line and fed into the LIQUOZON® Ultra. Ozonated water is returned to the feed line of the loop. The dissolved ozone concentration is between 0.1 and 0.2 mg/l. The ozone concentration at the end of the loop is monitored. Once the concentration reaches the desired dissolved ozone concentration set point, the system is held at this concentration for 5 to15 minutes. At the completion of the sanitization cycle the ozone generator is turned off and the UV destruct unit at the beginning of the loop is turned on to break down the ozone to an undetectable level. Product water can be used again when no more ozone is detected.

Biofilm Removal

Higher ozone dosages (1 ppm) and contact times can be used in pipes and water systems that are ozone compatible to remove biofilms.

Depending on the duration and frequency of the sanitization operations and the quality of the generated pure water, the ozone concentration required for effective biofilm removal, TOC reduction, and periodic sanitization may vary from the quantities listed here.

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