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Ambient FTIR Air Analyzer, AIRGARD® Plus, Electrochemical Sensors, CWA, TIC


  • Communication
    TCP/IP (Ethernet)
    1 USB port
  • Dimensions
    25.3 (width) x 25.4 (height) x 7.5 (length) inches
  • Power Requirements
    120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3A, 240 VAC available
  • Weight
    78 pounds (34.1 kg)
  • Operating Temperature
    10° to 40°C
  • Operating Humidity
    Up to 65%
  • Compliance


Immunity to False Alarms

The AIRGARD analyzer has been thoroughly tested by the Department of Defense for its sensitivity, specificity, response time, and immunity to false positive alarms caused by the sensing of, and alarming to, everyday benign, non-toxic solvents and industrial chemicals. This immunity to false alarms prevents unwarranted evacuation of buildings, associated interruptions of business and emergency notifications when no toxic materials are present.


  • Building air handling monitoring
  • Enclosed public area air monitoring (arenas, subways, airport terminals, large office buildings, etc.)
  • Air sampling and threat warning around CWA and TIC manufacturing and storage facilities (CFATS)

AIRGARD® Analyzer Operation

In the typical, non-alarming mode, the panel mounted “Gas Alarm” LED is green, indicating the sampled air is safe from toxic gases. If a toxic gas is detected within the concentration and probability limits set in the operational setup file, the “Gas Alarm” LED will change from green to flashing red. In addition to the visual, panel mounted status indicator, the AIRGARD Plus analyzer can communicate via Ethernet link to a sensor platform system to alert or alarm a command and control facility within the subject building. The AIRGARD Plus analyzer will remain in this mode until a trained user acknowledges the alarm and initiates the necessary safety actions. In addition, if any of the sensor parameters (flow, temperature and pressure) are determined to be out of their optimal range, the “System Alarm” LED will turn yellow or possibly red (depending on the severity of the fault) and will communicate this information remotely via the Ethernet TCP/IP interface using an XML-based remote monitoring and control protocol. This interface uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure a secure and robust connection between the remote AIRGARD Plus analyzer and a central receiving computer.

Self-contained Monitoring Device

The AIRGARD Plus air analyzer is a totally self-contained monitoring device, having a sampling pump, FTIR spectrometer, electrochemical cell sensor, controlling electronics and computer enclosed in a package measuring 25.3 x 27 x 7.5 inch which can be easily wall mounted. All AIRGARD air analyzers are individually tested for optimum signal-to-noise which ensures that consistent, reliable air monitoring will be provided in multiple deployments. In addition, the AIRGARD air analyzer self calibrates after installation, constantly self checking system health and assures readiness should a specified and applicable threat substance be introduced into the sampled air flow.

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