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Control System Components

CDN060 DeviceNet™ Gateway

CDN066 Serial Gateway (DeviceNet to RS232 Interface)

CDN067 Optically Isolated DeviceNet to RS485/422 Gateway

CDN067-3 DeviceNet™ to Modbus Interface

CDN105 DeviceNet™ Cube Digital Interface

CDN115 DeviceNet™ Analog I/O

CDN127 Peripheral Device Interface

CDN180 Cube Multi-Function I/O

CDN220 High Density I/O Adapter

CDN36X DeviceNet™ Gateway

CDN502 High Density I/O Adapter

CDN466 & CDN467 ToolLink Serial to DeviceNet™ Gateway

CDN503 High Density I/O Adapter

CDN572-5 DeviceNet™ Mixed I/O

CONTROLweb 3u Modular I/O User

DIP052 CAN Bas Interface

DIP053 CAN Bas Interface

DIP065 RS232 to CAN Network Adapter

DN137 General Purpose I/O Adapter for DeviceNet™

MultiTherm™ Temperature Controller

ECM Ethernet Control Module

ECM Programmable Interlock

ECM2 AS01022G-01

ECM2 AS01023G-01

RMU Remote Monitor Unit

RMU with SenseLink™ End-Point Control Interface addendum

RMU2 Linux Logic Controller

SenseLink™ Version 1.1

SenseLink™ Version 2.1

Tenta BCKP-0078 3U CompactPCI UPS

Tenta BPLN-0014 3U CompactPCI 8-slot Backplane

Tenta CDCG-0040 6U CompactPCI Card Cage

Tenta FLEX-0016 3U CompactPCI Flex Distribution Strip

Tenta HDFD-0850 3U CompactPCI Mass Storage Card

Tenta PWRS-0026 & BCKP-0029 6U CompactPCI Power Supply with UPS

Tenta SGLT-0055 3U CompactPCI Rear Signal Transition Card

Flow Measurement, Control, & Verification

167A Readout/Set Point Module

180A Alta™ Mass Flow Controller

185 Mass Flow Meter

243A Temperature/Flow Set Point Module for the 1153A Mass Flow Controller

260PS-7 Power Supply for the 1153A Mass Flow Controller

270D Signal Conditioner/Display/Accessory Unit

558 Mass-Flo® Mass Flow Meter

647C Four/Eight-channel Mass Flow and Pressure Programmer/Display

1153A Low Vapor Pressure Source Delivery System

1179A, 2179A, & 179A Mass-Flo® MFCs & MFM

1179B, 1479B, 2179B, & 179B Mass-Flo® MFCs & MFM

1479A Mass Flow Controller

1480A ALTA™ Mass Flow Controller

1485 Mass Flow Controller

1559A Mass-Flo® Mass Flow Controller

2179A Mass-Flo® Mass Flow Controller

GBR3A Flow Verifier

GBR3B Flow Verifier

M10MB Mass Flow Meter

M100B Mass-Flo® Mass Flow Controller

M330H/M330AH Mass Flow Controllers for High Temperatures

Mass-Flo® DeviceNet™ Firmware 1.0x

Mass-Flo® DeviceNet™ Firmware 2.0x

Mass-Flo® DeviceNet™ Firmware SP040-98

P5A (PFC-50 piMFC) Mass Flow Controller

P6A (PFC-60 piMFC) Mass Flow Controller

VoDM-A Vapor on Demand Module

VoDM-B Vapor on Demand Module

VoDM-C Vapor on Demand Module

Filter Housings

Series 26 Filter Housings


Series 43 Vacuum Line Heaters


640A/641A Pressure Controllers

649A Pressure Controllers

Pressure/Vacuum Controllers

SG524 Generator

SG1024 Generator

Pressure/Vacuum Controllers

146C Cluster Gauge Vacuum Gauge Measurement and Control System

186B Process Controller

260 PS-3B Power Supply

260 Modular Control System

937A Vacuum Gauge Controller

937A Vacuum Gauge Controller RS232/RS485

937A Vacuum Gauge Controller Profibus

937A Gauge Controller GSD file

945 Pirani Vacuum Gauge Controller

947 Convection-Enhanced Pirani Vacuum Gauge Controller

959 Hot Cathode Controller

PDR900-11 Vacuum Gauge Controller and Display for Series 900 Transducers

PDR9000 Vacuum Gauge Controller

PDR-C-1C & PDR-C-2C Power Supply & Readout

PDR-D-1/PDR-D-2 Power Supply & Readout

Pressure/Vacuum Measurement

41A, 42A, 51A, 52A Mini Vacuum Pressure Switch

122A Pressure Gauge

223B Differential Capacitance Manometer

229H Differential Pressure Transducer

615A, 616A, 617A High Accuracy Absolute Capacitance Manometer

624B, 625B Heated Analog Capacitance Manometers

624D, 625D Heated Analog Capacitance Manometers

627D Heated Analog Capacitance Manometers

628D Heated Analog Capacitance Manometers

627C, 628C, E27C & E28C Heated Analog Capacitance Manometers

631B High Temperature Pressure Transducer

631C High Temperature Pressure Transducer

722A Compact Absolute Capacitance Manometer

870/872 Mini-Baratron® Pressure Transducers

DMA i-Baratron® Capacitance Manometer

DMB i-Baratron® Capacitance Manometer

E27D Heated Analog Etch Manometers

E28D Heated Analog Etch Manometers

Granville-Phillips® & HPS® Indirect Vacuum Measurement

275 Mini-Convectron® Module DeviceNet™ quick start guide (275001)

275 Mini-Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Module with RS-485 quick start guide (275007)

275 Mini-Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Module with RS-485 and Process Control Relays quick start guide (275003)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module w/Nonlinear Analog Outputs & Process Control(metal enclosure) quick start guide (275002)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module w/Nonlinear Analog Outputs & Process Control(plastic enclosure) quick start guide (275008)

Granville-Phillips® Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Bridge Amp PC Board with Analog Output Signal (275331)

Quick Start Guide for the Granville-Phillips® Series 275 Mini-Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Modules with Linear Analog Output (275004)

275 Mini-Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Module with DeviceNet™ Digital Interface (275563)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module DeviceNet™ (275563)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module w/ Nonlinear Analog Outputs & Process Control (275512)

275 Gauge Cable Connector (030236)

275 Mini-Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Module with Linear Analog Output(275539)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module with Differential Output Amplifier (275831)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module with Analog Output, Dual-Process Relays, and Plastic Enclosure addendum (275836)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module with RS-485 Interface (275955)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module with Digital Display, Platinum Sensor, Plastic Enclosure addendum (275892)

275 Mini-Convectron® Module with RS-485 and Dual Process Relays Instruction(275545)

354 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Module with Analog Output (354004)

354 Micro-Ion® E Vacuum Gauge Module with Analog or RS-232 Output (354011)

354 Micro-Ion® Module quick start guide (354079)

354 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Module with RS-485 Digital Interface (354008)

354 Micro-Ion® 354064 with RJ45 I/O (017398)

354 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Module with DeviceNet™ (354020)

354 Micro-Ion® Module for 354073-TD-T (017911)

354083 Module Measurement Correction Factor programming guide (185516)

354 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Module (with DeviceNet Digital Interface), Mini-Convectron and Micro-Ion Vacuum Gauge Module Devicenet programming guide (014645)

354 Micro-Ion® Gauge Installation and Operating Instructions Addendum for 354069-TD (354072)

354 Micro-Ion® Gauge Baffle Installation (015029)

354 Micro-Ion® Gauge Baffle: Installation of Gauge Baffle into System Port (017638)

354 Micro-Ion® Gauge Removal and Installation Instructions for 354076-TE, 354076-TD, 354076-TK (017928)

354 Micro-Ion® Gauge Removal and Installation Instructions for 354078-TK (017929)

354 Micro-Ion® Module Extended Gauge Tube without Baffle, 354077-TK-T (017931)

354 Micro-Ion® Module Extended Gauge Tube with Baffle, 354075-TD-T, 354075-TE-T, and 354075-TK-T (017930)

354 Micro-Ion® Module Gauge Replacement instructions (354012)

Micro-Ion® Module Extended Gauge Tube without Baffle, 354077-TD-T (229204)

Removal and Installation Instructions for Micro-Ion® Gauge Catalog #354078-TD (229201)

901 MicroPirani/Piezo Transducer (Revision I)

902B Absolute Piezo Vacuum Transducer

902B Piezo Transducer (Revision B)

907 Analog Convection Transducer (ACT) Vacuum Sensor

909/909A Mini Ion Transducer

909AR Digital and Analog Hot Cathode Vacuum Transducer

910 DualTrans™ MicroPirani™/Absolute Piezo Vacuum Transducer (Revision E)

919 Hot Cathode Ionization High Vacuum Sensor System

925 MicroPirani™ Transducer (Revision H)

925C MicroPirani™ Transducer

971 UniMag™ Cold Cathode Vacuum Transducer (Revision G)

972 DualMag™ Cold Cathode/MicroPirani™ Vacuum Transducer (Revision H)

974 QuadMag™ Cold Cathode/MicroPirani™/Piezo Vacuum Transducer (Revision G)

979B Atmosphere to Vacuum Transducer

999 Quattro Multi-Sensor Vacuum Transducer with Atmospheric Switching

A900 Piezo/MicroPirani™ Vacuum Sensor System

203 Leak Valve Product Series (203026)

316 Convectron Vacuum Measurement Controller(316005)

316 Vacuum Gauge Controller, operates 6 Convectron Gauges (316059)

330 Ionization Gauge Controller (330004)

332 Ionization Gauge Controller (332004)

340, 358 & 360 Interface for Ion Gauge Controllers: Process Control and RS-232 or RS-485 Interface (011979)

340 Vacuum Gauge Controller (340005)

340 Series Vacuum Gauge Controller Process Control Module (016745)

342 & 343 Ion Gauge Controllers (342046)

342 & 343 Mini-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Modules (342030)

342 & 343 Benchtop Mini-Ion® Gauge Controllers (342026)

342-343 Vacuum Gauge Installation Instructions (342028)

342 Ion Gauge Controller with Digital Display built for Agilent Technologies Model #G3882A (342077)

343 Mini-Ion® Modules with RS-485 Digital Interface Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions for use on 343033-EU (343048)

343 Mini-Ion® Modules with RS-485 Digital Interface Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions for use on 20343039-EU (343050)

344 Vacuum Gauge Controller (344005)

360 & 370 Stabil-Ion® Vacuum Measurement System Users 360119 &370119 For Stabil-Ion Gauge for (20)360194, (20)370194, (20)360215, (20)360234 (014074)

360 Stabil-Ion® Controller Vacuum Measurement System (360119)

360 Stabil-Ion® Gauge Baffle Installation (014259)

360 Stabil-Ion® Gauge Module Memory Instruction Sheet for 360190, 360191, 360192 (013525)

375 Convectron® Gauge Controller (375015)

830 VQM User (830231)

830 VQM Software Release Notes (172595)

830 VQM Quick Start Guide (830232)

Pressure/Vacuum Control

640A/641A Pressure Controller

655 Throttling Isolation Valve Controller

656 Throttling Isolation Valve

T3P/T3B Valve RS-232 Interface supplemental

T3P/T3B Valve DeviceNet™ Interface supplemental

Vacuum Line Heaters

Series 43 Vacuum Line Heaters

Series 45 Vacuum Line Heaters

Series 48 Vacuum Line Heaters

Valve Controllers

153D and 1253D Throttle Valve Controller

153E Exhaust Valve Controller

152F Exhaust Valve Controller

152G Exhaust Valve Controller

152H Exhaust Valve Controller

252D Exhaust Valve Controller

252E Exhaust Valve Controller

253B Exhaust Valve Controller

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