R*evolution® III AX7695
Remote RF Plasma Source
Remote Plasma Source for On-Wafer Processing

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R*evolution® III integrated remote plasma source provides the highest performing and cleanest source of reactive gas required for semiconductor wafer processing. AX7695 integrates a quartz vacuum chamber, RF power supply and all necessary controls into a compact, self-contained unit for easy installation directly on the tool process chamber for an extremely clean, low cost source of atomic radicals to bring about the desired reaction on the wafer, at a reduced level of complexity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated, self-contained unit allows on-chamber installation
  • High performance, lower cost alternative to microwave or ICP systems
  • Based on patented low-field toroidal plasma technology for proven reliability
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance


Specifically designed for "on-wafer" applications, R*evolution® III AX7695 enhances processes such as:

  • Photoresist removal
  • Gate nitridation
  • Oxidation
  • Wafer pre-clean


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