Nude Hot Cathode Ionization Pressure Vacuum Sensor
(5.0x10-10 to 1.0x10-2 Torr)

photo - Nude Hot Cathode Ionization Sensor

The MKS Instruments® Products Nude Tube vacuum pressure sensor is a Bayard-Alpert style ionization vacuum sensor, which uses a fine wire collector located in the center of a grid. Because of its small area, few x-rays hit the collector, and a vacuum gauge can measure pressures to very low levels. Because the sensing portion of the tube is located within the vacuum system and experiences the system true pressure, nude tubes give a representative pressure measurement and respond more quickly than a glass envelope sensor to pressure changes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual filaments reduce downtime
  • Filaments resist damage caused by high oxygen partial pressures and accidental exposure to atmosphere.
  • Lower chemical reaction rate and minimal thermal interference.
  • Low internal outgassing rates at low pressures.


Nude Hot Cathode Ionization Sensors can be used in many applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, thin film deposition, high energy physics, ion implantation, or space simulation.

  • Analytical equipment (mass spectrometer control)
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Coating systems
  • General vacuum base pressure measurement


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100005987Nude Tube Hot Cathode Sensor, tungsten, NW 40 KFQuote Only
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100006841Nude Tube Hot Cathode Sensor, yttria-coated iridium, NW 40 KFQuote Only
100006842Nude Tube Hot Cathode Sensor, yttria-coated iridium, 2 3/4 inches CFQuote Only

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