LDM-A and LDM-D Local Display Modules
for MKS Type 700 and 800-Series Baratron® Pressure/Vacuum Transducers
(Except Type 89xB Products)

photo - LDM Local Display Module for MKS Instruments Type 700 and 800 Baratron transducers

MKS Local Display Modules (LDM) are designed to be used with many MKS 700 and 800 Baratron® pressure transducers for local display of pressure in real time and in your specified engineering units. Installed "in line" between the pressure transducer and host system/power supply, no additional cabling is needed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large red LED or LCD displays for easy reading, even from a distance
  • LDM-D offers user-configurable engineering units
  • No additional cables needed
  • Small size allows placement on individual gas sticks


The LDM can mount directly to the mating connectors of 740B, 742B, 750B, 752B, 840B, 842B, 850B, 852B, 870B, and 872B Baratron® pressure transducers. For applications with space constraints around the gas line, it can be panel-mounted and connected to the transducer with a cable. It can also be used with a wide variety of competitive pressure transducers.

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Part NumberUser Adjustable Units of MeasurementFull Scale RangeCalibrationOutput SignalElectrical ConnectorsMountingPriceQTY
LDM-A13TA2AA1No1000 TorrAbsolute0-10VDC9-pin D-sub/9-pin D-subTransducerQuote Only
LDM-ARDPC4DD2No250 PSICompound4-20 mABendix/BendixPanelQuote Only
LDM-A33PA3CC1No3000 PSIAbsolute0-5VDC15-pin HD/15-pin HDTransducerQuote Only
LDM-D12PA2CC1Yes100 PSIAbsolute0-10VDC15-pin HD/15-pin HDTransducerQuote Only

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