Jalapeño LoPro
Heated, Low-profile, Bellows-sealed Isolation Valves

photo - MKS Jalapeño LoPro Heated Bellows-sealed Vacuum Valve

Jalapeño LoPro heated vacuum valves are specifically designed to withstand high internal temperatures, limiting contaminant buildup and reduce system maintenance. The standard heater for the Jalapeño LoPro valve is set to 170°C to achieve a nominal interior temperature of 150°C, but other temperature ranges are optional. From room temperature, the heaters typically reach their set temperature in less than 30 minutes and can be daisy-chained with integral locking connectors. The heaters are wired in parallel and are independently controlled. Jalapeño LoPro valves use up to four heat zones, reducing any potential for hot and cold spots. Since each heater is designed to uniformly heat a component, there is no need for costly controllers or thermocouples with messy wires.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces unwanted sublimation of process by-products
  • Compact valve design with Silicone foam molded heater jacket
  • Accurate temperature control with microprocessor-controlled thermocouple


Jalapeño LoPro heated vacuum valves are suited for vacuum processes where elevated temperatures are required to reduce particle buildup on interior surfaces. Successful processes include CVD, etch, LPCVD, and PECVD.


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