PAC 100 & PAC 1000 Programmable Automation Controllers

photo - MKS PAC 1000 and 100 Programmable Automation Controllers

MKS Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) merge the features of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Industrial Personal Computers (IPC), to create an open standards, networked, programmable, flexible, and scalable PAC, all in a modular, DIN rail mountable plastic enclosure. Compared to standard PLC's and IPC's, MKS PACs provide a more compact, customizable, high performance, and cost effective programmable control solution for a variety of control and automation tasks.

MKS PACs can be implemented as a comprehensive control platform for a single location or tool or as an intelligent distributed node on a manufacturing line providing localized and high speed I/O control, while managing logic locally. MKS PACs can be used to manage all IO control requirements with the ability to handle detailed execution tasks with various, commonly-used programming languages (supports an IEC 61131-3 programming interface for recipe & logic development) and also provide extremely fast communication between modules for highly coordinated and deterministic control.

MKS PACs can interface directly with all MKS I/O slices via the MKS System Bus, or it can be used in a distributed control system (DCS), supporting various fieldbus interfaces with other MKS I/O modules or other off-the-shelf slave nodes.

MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) software can be used with MKS PACs. CWB provides a simple, integrated solution for device configuration, process monitoring, data storage, system diagnostics, and autotuning.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully programmable controller supports standard IEC 61131-3 environment for seamless code portability and no locking you into a specific programming environment or vendor software
  • Express (Free) and Pro (Paid) versions available.
  • Program template library supports common process applications, significantly reducing time to market
  • Function block library supports various MKS devices for 'plug & play' implementation
  • Open standards support, interoperability with other devices & components, and improved performance compared to a traditional PLC & IPC's
  • Seamless interface with Human Machine Interface (HMI), supporting OPC UA
  • Fieldbus master for control via EtherCAT, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP.
  • Quad core CPU available for high performance applications to separate run-time & performance critical logic from non-time tasks
  • Multiple MKS PAC offerings, customized to specific applications

Programming with MKS PACs:

screen capture - IEC61131-3 Programming Software

The IEC 61131-3 Programming Interface, supports the following programming languages:

  • Ladder Logic
  • Structured Text
  • Function Block Diagrams
  • Instruction List
  • Sequential Function Charts

Software develop kit (SDK) option also available on MKS PACs to program in C/C++