Granville-Phillips® 835 Vacuum Quality Monitor System

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The Fastest, Lowest Power Mass Spectrometer

The Granville-Phillips® Series 835 Vacuum Quality Monitor (VQM) combines the highest performance gas analysis technology with intelligent functional design that transforms complex measurement into actionable information. The 835 VQM is the world's fastest, lowest power mass spectrometer with full data collection, spectral deconvolution, and data logging at 85 ms capture rates for the full 1-145 amu measurement range or 125 ms for 1-300 amu.

Residual Gas Analyzer Comparison:

Compared to traditional Quadrupole Residual Gas Analyzers (RGAs), the 835 VQM is:

  • smaller
  • easier to calibrate
  • 20 times faster
  • uses 80% less power
  • accurately represents the low amu gases

The 835 VQM is a mass spectrometer that operates from UHV to 10-5 Torr and accurately measures the gases in the vacuum chamber. The 835 VQM Differential Pump System delivers the advantages of the 835 VQM at higher pressures. The VQM system consists of an autoresonant ion trap mass spectrometer gauge, a VQM Controller and VQM Viewer software that converts raw data into actionable information. The system is ratiometric, meaning that it determines the ratio of each gas to other gases in a vacuum chamber. It is usually coupled with a total pressure gauge to provide partial pressures of each gas as indication of the quality of the vacuum in the chamber.

Key Features:

  • 1-145 amu total and partial pressure measurement information in 85 ms, or 1-300 amu in 125 ms
  • Instant access to critical measurement information including the 10 most prevalent gases in normalized, percentage and absolute values as well as total pressure and partial pressure trend graphs
  • Accurate hydrogen and helium measurement (no zero blast)
  • Data logging at all sample rates
  • Easy single-gas calibration using a gas already in your vacuum system
  • Low power (only 15 watts)
  • Compact design and remotely mounted gauge using a cable from one to 20 meters long

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Part NumberDescriptionPriceQTY
835500-U1-1VQM 835 Controller, 1-145 amu, 110 VACQuote Only
835500-U3-1VQM 835 Controller, 1-300 amu, 110 VACQuote Only
835100-YG-1DVQM 835 Gauge, 1-145 amu, Demountable envelopeQuote Only
835100-YG-3DVQM 835 Gauge, 1-300 amu, Demountable envelopeQuote Only
835300-03MVQM Cable from Gauge to Controller, 3 metersQuote Only
835400VQM Software SuiteQuote Only
390802-2-YG-TTotal Pressure Micro-Ion Module, Measures from ATM to 1E-9 TorrQuote Only
802301-03MCable to connect Total Pressure Gauge to VQM Controller, 3 metersQuote Only

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