Alter® TM Series Microwave Magnetron Heads
Closed Frame Head

Alter® TM Series Microwave Heads are available with either air cooled magnetron (TMA) or water cooled magnetron (TM0), and power ranging from 1.0 kW up to 10 kW.

These heads are designed for applications where the head will not have any further enclosure. Alter® TM Series Microwave Heads are easy to install - with connectors for line power and signals, and have been designed for the highest energy transfer to load, and when installed and used according the magnetron's manufacturers specification can be expected to reach the longest tube life. If power levels exceed 2 kW, it is recommended that an isolator be installed.

The TMA or TM0 heads may be supplied with several accessories. The basic version includes the following components:

  • Aluminum waveguide launcher with flange PDR26
  • Closed aluminum cabinet, with removable panels
  • 2 separate connectors for main line and signals, for industrial environments (IP44 and up)
  • Magnetron with a thermoswitch and the filament transformer

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple, rugged and cost-effective design
  • Standard waveguide size WR 340, able to handle up to 10 kW power @ 2,450 MHz Microwave Power Systems
  • Complete cable sets, with length on request, for easy "plug & play" with Alter® power supplies