ASTRON® G7 AX7667 High Flow Remote Plasma Source
(rated 20-30 SLM of NF3 & 20-30 Torr pressure)

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The ASTRON® G7 AX7667 Reactive Gas Generator operates over a high flow range; 20-30 SLM of NF3 gas and a high pressure range of 20-30 Torr. The ASTRON® G7 is a self-contained remote plasma source which uses a Low-Field-Toroidal plasma to efficiently dissociate NF3 gas to produce atomic Fluorine radicals. The design architecture of the ASTRON G7 integrates a power source, a control module and a plasma chamber into a single system module. With its simple interface, the ASTRON® G7 reactive gas generator is easily deployed onto both new and existing production tools.

The ASTRON® G7 AX7667 is typically utilized as a remote source of reactive gas, where high fluxes of the reactant species are needed to clean large volume chambers. By generating atomic fluorine that reacts with deposits in the chamber, it forms volatile compounds that are efficiently pumped away and scrubbed to minimize any impact to the local environment. Using a reactive gas plasma source in place of an in situ RF source also protects the process chamber and interior components from ion bombardment damage, thereby lowering maintenance costs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Higher reactant flow supports large chamber configurations & increased performance and throughput
  • >95 % Dissociation of NF3 (20-25 SLM)
  • >92 % Dissociation of NF3 (25-30 SLM)
  • Continuous operation (CW), not duty-cycle limited
  • Reactive gas delivery at point of use
  • High reliability
  • High productivity, low CoO


The primary application for the ASTRON G7 AX7667 is to clean deposits from interior walls of large process chambers such as those used in solar cell or flat panel production.


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