274B Three-Channel Sensor Multiplexor

photo - 274B Three-Channel Sensor Multiplexor

Used with the MKS 615A, 616A, 590A, 690A, and 698A high-accuracy Baratron® Capacitance Manometers and 670B Signal Conditioner, the 274B Three-Channel Sensor Multiplexor allows a single signal conditioner to operate as many as three (3) high-accuracy Baratron® sensors. The 274B provides heater power for the temperature-controlled sensors ( 590A, 690A, and 698A), keeping all sensors at their specified operating temperature and waiting for selection for readout on the 670B signal conditioner. The 274B is CE marked, operates on standard 115V/230VAC input voltages, and fits into a standard 1/2-rack opening.


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