Rapid Isolation Valve
High Speed, Fast Closing Valve

photo - MKS Instruments Rapid Isolation Valve

MKS Rapid Isolation Valves offer extremely fast closing speeds to protect the vacuum system during a backpressure event caused by pump failure. Many valves do not close fast enough to prevent particles and turbulence from moving upstream and damaging the process.

Rapid Isolation Valves are based on popular MKS Vacuum Isolation Valves and are modified to achieve the rapid closing speeds. The table lists expected time improvements for valve closing speeds.

Features & Benefits:

  • Protects vacuum system from particles and turbulence during pump failure
  • Based on proven MKS Isolation Valve designs
Time to Close
valve size Standard Gate-type Rapid Isolation
NW16 90 msec 500 msec <50 msec
NW25 90 msec 600 msec <50 msec
NW40 90 msec 800 msec 55 msec
NW50 220 msec 1000 msec 80 msec
NW80 1000 msec 2300 msec 170 msec
NW100 2000 msec 3100 msec 180 msec
NW160 3000 msec 4400 msec 600 msec

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