153D "Smart" Exhaust Throttle Valve with Integrated Controller

photo - 153D Smart Exhaust Throttle Valve

Specifically designed for computer-controlled applications where a simple pressure control system is desired, the 153D "Smart" Exhaust Throttle Valve integrates all control, communication, and driver circuits via a compact "add-on" electronics module within a 253 Throttle Valve assembly, eliminating the need for a separate pressure control electronics module. The 153 is operable in two modes, flapper positioning or pressure control.

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Part NumberNominal Inside Diameter in inches mmISO Flange SizeFlapper OringCAD DiagramsPriceQTY
153D-20-40-10.779 (20)KF-40YesQuote Only
153D-20-40-20.779 (20)KF-40NoQuote Only
153D-1-40-11.270 (32)KF-40YesQuote Only
153D-1-40-21.270 (32)KF-40NoQuote Only
153D-2-50-11.888 (48)KF-50YesQuote Only
153D-2-50-22.000 (51)KF-50NoQuote Only
153D-60-63-22.362 (60)NW-63NoQuote Only
153D-3-80-23.000 (76)NW-80No123470.dwg
Quote Only
153D-4-100-23.875 (98)NW-100No123472.dwg
Quote Only

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