Alter® CM 130
Compact, Air-cooled Microwave Power Supply for 300W, 2.45 GHz Magnetrons

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The CM 130 magnetron power supply is a compact, air-cooled, switch-mode power supply with an integrated filament transformer designed to drive a 300 W magnetron. The CM 130 is able to power and control TO300 magnetrons with a maximum power of 300 Watts at 2.45 GHz.

CM 130 may be configured to operate within two different power output ranges, from 0 to 300 Watts or, for improved precision at very low power, 0 to 90 Watts. The output power can be adjusted during operation from near zero up to 90 W or 300 W, depending on the range configuration, using an external, linear 0 - 10 V analog signal. It incorporates a power factor correction (PFC) stage that provides a usable input line voltage range from 140 VAC to 250 VAC and also stabilizes the filament control. The compact and innovative design of the CM 130 makes it a highly competitive alternative to traditional, transformer based, power supplies. The CM 130 also autonomously manages the status of the magnetron, providing power to drive the correct pre-heating of the filament and to automatically shut off the output power in the event of an alarm condition, such as over current or over voltage of the magnetron.

The CM 130 is enclosed in a lightweight and compact aluminum housing designed to be easily mounted inside an electrical enclosure. Industry standard electrical terminal blocks with separate terminals for all electrical functions provide simple and easy set up. The high voltage (HV) output, carrying the anodic current and the filament current, is available via two preassembled HV wires. As the unit includes the filament transformer, it should be assembled as close as possible to the magnetron, within the length of output wires.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and lightweight form factor suitable for installations where the space saving is mandatory.
  • Highly competitive alternative to larger/heavier traditional L-C power supplies.
  • High efficiency power supply design requiring only air cooling simplifies installation and reduces cost.
  • Low output ripple makes it suitable for laboratory and professional oven equipment.
  • System designed for easy assembly inside an electrical enclosure, with access to the terminal block on the bottom of the unit and output on the top.


The CM 130 is designed to power MKS, Alter® Products TXA10 microwave magnetron heads, however it may be used to power electrically compatible microwave magnetron heads from other manufacturers.


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