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MKS, Mass Spectrometry Solutions UK

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  • Pressure calibration bench for Baratron® calibration from 50 mT to 1000T full scale using three 0.05% rdg transfer standard Baratrons®.
  • Pressure calibration cart (PVS6) for general purpose Baratron® calibration from 1 Torr to 10,000 Torr full scale using 0.05% rdg transfer standard Baratrons®.
  • Four pressure sets are maintained (a total of twelve transfer standard Baratrons®) to ensure full pressure calibration capability throughout the year.
  • Very large stock of spares for pressure products including spare sensors for most process Baratrons®.

Mass Flow

  • Primary gas flow calibrator using pressure rate of rise (ROR) technique for re-certification of internal standards and calibration of customers equipment, covering gas flows from 10 sccm to 20,000 sccm, accuracy 0.5% rdg.
  • Ten transfer standard mass flow controllers covering gas flow from 10 sccm to 200,000 sccm, with an accuracy of 0.8% FS.
  • Re-range, re-seal and re-scale of MFC's to all ranges above and to any gas specified.
  • Very large stock of spares for Flow products including all mechanical assemblies and parts to enable full rebuilds.
  • Leak detection capability to better than 10-10 mbar Ls-1 of He.

Electronic Controllers

  • Full repair facility for all electronic controllers, power supply/readouts and signal conditioning equipment.
  • National standard calibrated high accuracy multimeters and calibrators (three 6.5 digit DVM'S).
  • Large stock of spare parts to facilitate repairs.


  • Full repair facility for bellowed sealed valves including seal replacement and bellow assemble replacement.
  • Full repair facility for sealing and non sealing throttle valves.
  • Leak detection capability to better than 10-10 mbar Ls-1 of He.

Residual Gas Analysis

  • Full repair, test and calibration of the MKS-Spectra series quadrupole gas analyser and the PAS series analytical systems, including ion source replacement, detector replacement (faraday or electron multiplier) and full repair of electronic control unit.
  • Partial pressure and total pressure calibration using spinning rotor gauge technology and precise mixture calibration gases.
  • Leak detection capability to better than 10-10 mbar Ls-1of He.
  • On site service and support capability for gas analyser products.