Compare Model Drawings, CAD & Specs Component Type Flange Type Tube OD Modulus For Use With1 Availability Price
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, ISO Flanged Tee, 1.5 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee ISO-KF 4.0 in. 2.25 in. (57 mm) 100314605
4 Weeks
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, Buttweld Tee, 1.5 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee Buttweld 1.5 in. 2.19 in. (56 mm) 10023T150
4 Weeks
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, ISO Flanged Tee, 2.0 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee ISO-KF 2.0 in. 2.38 in. (60 mm) 100314606
4 Weeks
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, Buttweld Tee, 2.0 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee Buttweld 2.0 in. 2.94 in. (75 mm) 10023T200
4 Weeks
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, ISO Flanged Tee, 3.0 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee ISO-MF 3.0 in. 3.0 in. (76 mm) 100761408
4 Weeks
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, Buttweld Tee, 3.0 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee Buttweld 3.0 in. 3.19 in. (81 mm) 10023T300
4 Weeks
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, ISO Flanged Tee, 4.0 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee ISO-MF 4.0 in. 3.38 in. (86 mm) 100761410
4 Weeks
Heater Jacket, Polyimide, Buttweld Tee, 4.0 in. Diameter Tubing, 240V
4 Weeks
Tee Buttweld 4.0 in. 3.81 in. (97 mm) 10023T400
4 Weeks


  • Series
    Series 49
  • Type
    Heater Jacket
  • Insulation Material
  • Component Type
  • Temperature Range
    35 - 200°C
  • Pre-Set Temperature
    150°C Standard
  • Voltage Requirements
    200-240 VAC
  • Heater Connectors
    Circular 6 Contact Locking Bayonet
  • Housing Materials
    Controller: Injection Molded
  • Controller Dimensions
    Ø2.2 in. x 3.7 in.
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 60°C
  • Compliance
    CE, SEMI S2


Polyimide Heater Material

Series 49P products employ cutting edge materials technology to provide superior performance utilizing polyimide materials for both the insulation and jacketing. The heaters can be used in all critical applications where minimal outgassing, ultra low particle generation, elevated temperatures (up to 200°C), and ease of installation are required. These patented heaters are constructed with fully squared ends and a form fit shape to maximize thermal efficiency and temperature uniformity, minimizing thermal losses and power consumption. Polyimide heaters enable lower cost heating compared to other solutions.

Significant Energy Savings

Series 49 Thermal Management Systems provide greater energy savings and efficiency over competitive heater products. The new thermally efficient advanced Polyimide and PTFE materials used in the heater jacket construction provide superior insulation. Users can also broadcast a lower set point temperature to all controllers on the network allowing for a reduction in energy use while minimizing heat up and restart time.

The chart compares the energy use of the Series 49 heaters to other current heater solutions. Preventative maintenance cycles combined with our advanced materials resulted in 36% less power usage compared to current competitive heater products.

Series 49 Heaters can provide over 36% energy savings vs. competitive heater products.

Intuitive Advanced Temperature Control

The Series 49 Thermal Management System is a comprehensive thermal control solution with innovative technology built on the proven Series 46 and 48 heater products. It features three newly designed main components: The intelligent and flexible Series 49 Controller (1) with customized temperature operation, provides complete, configurable thermal system management. Two advanced heaters with new jacket materials (2 & 3) offer high energy efficiency and high operating temperature. A new intuitive User Interface (4) enables quick and easy system access and diagnostics.

Series 49 Controller Technology

New advanced controller technology allows for more versatility in the Series 49 providing maximum flexibility in system configuration. This unique controller integrates a temperature process controller, a high-low temperature alert, power switching with a safety high limit, and detailed diagnostics.

Series 49 heater controllers use an array of LEDs to illuminate the enclosure providing 360° heater status easily visible from a distance. LED’s indicate several diagnostics and safety conditions including at temperature status, low and high temperature alerts, and digital communications status.

The Series 49 controller module features fully adjustable control parameters and 360° view of status indicators.

Advanced Digital Communications

Series 49 Thermal Management Systems feature an innovative automatic self-addressing function for configuration of digital heater networks. It automatically increments the address on consecutive controllers for ease of set up and prevents duplication of addresses. Commands can be sent to individual heater controllers via direct communications or to the entire heater network via a broadcast function from the MKS downloadable software application. The user interface system allows access to system settings and functions via Modbus RTU communications over serial RS485.

Multi-node Screen: View all nodes on the network and their current temperature and status.

User Interface System

The Series 49 software app provides full access to all functions of the Series 49 heater control system. The application provides intuitive system control set up, monitoring, diagnostics and parameter adjustments creating a user friendly experience.

The User Interface System adjusts variables such as temperature set points, upper and lower temperature threshold alarms, control parameters, and heater identification as well as advanced parameter setting for users to fine tune the Series 49 heater network. The user interface app contains a sequential auto-addressing function which automatically sets the address of the heater controllers in a network, ensuring accurate communication and identification of each connected heater.

Single-node Screen: Provides general status and any alerts or errors for a particular heater and is used to adjust set point and temperature alert parameters.

Data Plot Screen

The data plot screen on the Series 49 User Interface provides for simple temperature plotting of selected heaters with the ability to adjust the timescale.  The data plot screen is useful for monitoring, diagnostics and thermal management system tuning.

Heater Jacket Applications


  • ETCH
    • Prevent solidification of aluminum chloride (AlCl3) in an aluminum etching system
  • CVD, PECVD, MOCVD, LPCVD (Nitride and TEOS)
    • Prevent solidification of ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) in a silicon nitride LPCVD system
    • Reduce solid buildup in other semiconductor processes, such as titanium nitride, tungsten, and TEOS CVD
  • EPI (Epitaxy)
  • ALD
  • Gauge Trees and Gas Lines
    • Maintain uniform temperature environments in complex shapes
  • Gas Analyzers, Endpoint Detectors, Bubbler Cylinders, Mass Flow Controllers, Manometers, Isolation and Butterfly Valves

Analytical Instrumentation

  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Evaporators
  • Chambers


  • Stainless Steel Filter Housings
  • Single Use Filters

Industrial Coating

  • Solar Substrate Processing
  • Thin Films
  • LED Manufacturing

Custom and R&D Applications

  • Heaters for custom and R&D applications can be engineered to meet specific requirements

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