MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions
Specialists in custom subcontract manufacture and precision engineering of machined components & electro-mechanical assemblies.

MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions provides custom subcontract manufacturing of components, electromechanical assemblies and analytic instruments for the scientific and semiconductor industries to Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) standards. Recent subcontract manufacturing projects include UHV vacuum chamber, vessel & housing fabrication, assembling vacuum systems & vacuum subsystems, and building scientific and analytical instruments.

Our facilities for precision engineering, clean assembly and testing, include a 2,900 square foot, Class 10000 (ISO7) clean room in a 42,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory, staffed by engineers experienced in the special demands of high vacuum manufacturing, clean room assembly and scientific/analytical instrumentation testing.

MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions core competencies include:

  • Electro-mechanical assembly & testing
  • Ultra high vacuum (UHV) cleaning
  • Orbital welding
  • TIG welding
  • 4 & 5 axis CNC milling
  • Wire erosion
  • CNC turning
  • CMM Inspection
  • Polishing and finishing
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Watch our latest video!
MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Offices MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Offices MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Offices

Our primary markets include scientific & analytical instrumentation, semiconductor deposition control equipment, high precision gas delivery systems and vacuum equipment.

MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions customers receive flexible, efficient and cost-effective engineering and manufacturing services on projects of any size.

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