MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Services
Expert Engineering, Custom Subcontract Manufacturing & Project Management

  • First tier custom contract manufacturing for all machining, assembly and test requirements
  • Strategic long term partnerships utilising our manufacturing expertise allowing our customers to focus on their key core competences
  • One-stop manufacturing, cleaning, assembly, and packaging solutions
  • Prototyping, part manufacture, subassembly manufacture, full instrument manufacture, inspection and test
  • Continuous improvement programs via customer collaboration to develop products that are efficiently manufactured while reducing lead time and cost
  • Flexible manufacturing systems to accommodate fluctuations in delivery requirements, ramp-ups, demand decreases and product mix variations
  • Procurement through customers' preferred supplier base and MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions-approved partners
  • Product life cycle support from development prototypes to full production and spares sales support
  • Electromechanical build and test
  • Intellectual property protection with confidentiality agreements
  • Engineers specialising in UHV manufacturing
  • Production control and traceability
  • Segregated manufacture and assembly
  • Compartmentalised cell building
  • Drawing models accepted in all standard file formats streamlining the programming of machining and turning centres
MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Services MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Services MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Services MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Services

Need help?

Contact an MKS Custom Vacuum Solutions Subcontract Manufacturing Specialist by sending an email to or call +44 (0) 1952 200664.