photo - Vision 2000-C and Vision 2000-E RGA for CVD and Etch Processes

RGA Vacuum Process Monitor
Process Mass Spectrometry Residual Gas Analysis

MKS Process Monitor products are innovative in-situ process monitoring instruments that are fully integrated, application-specific packages, including component residual gas analyzers (RGAs), analytical equipment, and control software. Process mass spectrometers are used in varied applications, including CVD, Etch, and PVD for process gas analysis.


Vision 2000-B™ Vacuum Baseline Monitor RGA
Vision 2000-C™ & Vision 2000-E™ RGA for CVD and Etch
Vision 2000-P™ Process Monitor RGA
HPQ3 High Pressure RGA (less than 1 mTorr)
HPQ3S High Pressure RGAs (less than 8 mTorr)


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