HPS® Vacuum Transducers, Vacuum Gauges, Sensors & Controllers
(Pressure & Vacuum Gauge Measurement from 1x10-11 to 1500 Torr)

For vacuum measurement from 10-11 to 1500 Torr, MKS offers a broad range of vacuum and pressure measurement solutions (vacuum gauges, transducers, sensors, & controllers) based on multiple pressure measurement technologies including Pirani, convection Pirani, piezo, hot cathode, cold cathode and a new MEMS-based multi-sensor technology. These vacuum gauge and vacuum transducer products are used individually or are integrated in combination, providing a wide variety of pressure and vacuum measurement options in terms of gas independence, covered pressure ranges and tolerance to aggressive gases. The MKS Instruments vacuum gauge line includes Series 900 vacuum transducers which are vacuum sensors and electronics combined into a single device, eliminating the need for an external power supply controller, as well as the traditional, easy-to-operate vacuum gauge controller/sensor combination.

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Above Atmosphere to Medium Vacuum Transducers (1.0x10-5 to 760 Torr)
Medium to Ultra High Vacuum Transducers (3.0x10-10 to 5X10-2 Torr)
Atmosphere to Ultra High Vacuum Transducers (5.0x10-10 to Atmosphere)
Vacuum Sensors
Controllers for Vacuum Gauges & Sensors
Cables, Parts & Accessories for Vacuum Gauge Controllers, Sensors & Transducers


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