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Diesel Emissions Testing
Extensive Diesel Emission Analysis Using FTIR-based Diesel Exhaust Monitors from MKS Instruments

photo - Multigas Diesel Emissions Analyzer

Complete Diesel Emissions Testing requires the monitoring of traditional and nontraditional combustion gases in less than a second. MKS diesel exhaust analyzers monitor these diesel emissions in a time frame and with sensitivity that meets and exceeds the requirements of the testing.

Diesel Emissions Testing Developments:

Recent changes in diesel emissions regulations mandated by the United States and European governments have lead diesel engine manufacturers and users of diesel engines to better understand diesel exhaust processes and diesel emission standards. To address the demand for fast, accurate diesel emissions coumbustion analysis, FTIR analyzers can measure exhaust gas generated by diesel engines, and current versions are fast and sensitive enough to perform continuous diesel emissions analysis.

Diesel Emissions Testing with MultiGas™ 2030 FTIR Analyzer

As a diesel emission analyzer, MultiGas™ 2030 measures diesel combustion gases by incorporating a fast scanning FTIR capable of providing high resolution diesel exhaust data. It allows diesel combustion exhaust to flow through at high rates to prevent diffusion and measurement delay. The software and computer hardware provided with each system are optimized to allow for 20-plus gases to be quantified simultaneously and reported for continuous diesel emissions analysis.

More about MultiGas™ 2030 Diesel Exhaust Analyzers.

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