Supporting Green Energy Development

It’s important for us to support the environment, especially in the products that we bring to market. In terms of sustainability, we have products that support three categories:

  • Products that are sold into clean energy applications
  • Products that are sold into environmental and sustainable applications
  • Products that are sustainable

Energy illustration

Clean Energy Applications

Clean Energy is defined as energy that is produced through means that does not pollute the atmosphere, and therefore has the least amount of impact on the environment. The primary sources of clean energy are solar energy, hydro energy and wind energy. At MKS, we develop and manufacture products that are sold into Clean Energy applications.

We sell a number of products to support the solar energy markets:

  • Our flow, valve, and pressure measurement products control vacuum pressure and the delivery of gases used in the fabrication of photovoltaic cells.
  • Our mass spectrometers are used by solar thin film manufacturers to optimize their process.
  • Our lasers and photonics components are used in solar panel manufacturing, such as patterning, scribing, drilling and doping.
  • We help improve solar panel sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiencies compared to traditional processes.
  • And our solar simulators are used in the testing and characterization of photovoltaic solar cells.
Environment illustration

Environmental & Sustainable Applications

Environmental and Sustainable applications are those that contribute to stronger livelihoods and more maintainable environments. This requires a responsible interaction with the environment to avoid reduction or damage to natural resources and to enable long-term environmental quality.

At MKS, we develop and manufacture products that are sold into Environmental and Sustainable applications across the key markets we serve: Semiconductor, Industrial, Life and Health Sciences, Research, and Defense.

  • Our gas analyzers are used in the automobile production process, measuring pollutants during the engine and catalyst development phases.
  • They are also used in power generation and incineration applications, measuring gases and volatile organic compounds to ensure government regulatory compliance.
  • Our gas analyzers are used in safety and security applications, monitoring chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals in the air, protecting the military personnel and the general public in government buildings and public venues.
  • Companies use our mass spectroscopy products to monitor coating processes for improved performance and efficiency for applications such as battery electrode and fuel cell manufacturing.
  • And in a medical extrusion manufacturing application, our automation and controls analytics solution help minimize energy use by 25-30%, on average.
Sustainability illustration

Sustainable MKS Products

We also manufacture products that are sustainable, in and of themselves:

  • Our ultra-high concentration dissolved Ozone systems are used in the photoresist strip market as an environmentally friendly alternative to aggressive acid mixes.
  • There are many applications across markets such as life and health science and industrial that use our pressure, flow and valve products to reduce power consumption.
  • In addition, our laser products are used for cutting in the life and health science and industrial markets for more efficient product manufacturing, reducing or eliminating the need for post processing.
  • Our high-density interconnect (HDI) drilling solution provides significant weight and footprint savings compared to competing solutions and enables a technician to safely and easily service the tool.

Service illustration

MKS Comprehensive Service & Repair Program

MKS has a comprehensive service and repair program to maximize the value and longevity of our products. The global network of 18 MKS Service Centers located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific ensures that our customers have direct access to repair, refurbishment, and calibration services when and where they need them.

Our program:

  • Extends the life of our customers’ equipment
  • Drives more predictability
  • Increases uptime and tool availability
  • Improves productivity

Visit our Global Service Program page to learn more about our service and repair offerings.