MKS Automation Platform

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MKS Revolutionizes the Control System providing a Complete Solution to Optimize Your Control Architecture

New Featured Article: Modular automation platforms for integrated automation (Processing Magazine: August 2016).

The MKS Automation Platform is a modular, scalable and configurable total automation and control solution that improves efficiencies by speeding implementation and improving time to market. This new platform meets the demands of any automation application and seamlessly integrates with other MKS products, providing a low total cost of ownership , along with improved utilization of existing tools and assets to form an entire integration solution.

The platform's hardware and software are both scalable and flexible due to its modular and open architecture, as well as its support for many fieldbuses and control networks. The platform consists of two programmable automation control options (MKS PAC 100 & PAC 1000); Communication & Coupler Modules (CMs), a variety of IO modules interfacing to any type of sensor, actuator, valve, etc.; the MKS Controls Workbench software (CWB) for configuration, process monitoring, tuning, data storage and supports a standard IEC 61131-3 programming interface.

In addition, the platform leverages MKS Data Analytics multivariate data analysis solutions to drive improved automation via real-time advanced analytical data insights. MKS Advanced Services assist in recipe and logic development, integration and training.

The MKS Automation Platform is ideal for: open and fully programmable automation control, remote or distributed IO, multi-zone temperature control, and remote process control, easily interfacing with existing MKS subsystems and Instruments including: Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs), direct pressure gauges, indirect pressure gauges, etc., to optimize your control architecture providing your entire integration solution.

MKS Automation Platform Overview

Features & Benefits:

  • Seamless interface to MKS subsystems and instrumentation, such as Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs), direct pressure gauges, indirect pressure gauges, etc.; enables easy connectivity resulting in significantly improved time to market. Utilizing MKS products allows our customers to rapidly deploy solutions via easy to use platforms.
  • Advanced SenseLink analytics from MKS for improved process tuning, optimization, monitoring, troubleshooting, & fault detection.
  • Scalable and expandable with support for many fieldbuses and control networks and virtually any I/O & sensor interface.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership, compared to standard off-the-shelf programmable automation controllers. MKS Controls Workbench (CWB) software provides compatibility to access all MKS controllers simultaneously from one central interface.
  • Supports Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) environments
  • MKS Advanced Services for recipe & logic development, integrated testing, & training.
  • Compact, high density design reduces the number of modules and/or controllers required, saving cost and tool real estate.