IP66-rated, Multi-gas, Multi-range, Elastomer-sealed Mass Flow Controller for Industrial Environments for Flow Rates up to 250 slm

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The IE250A mass flow controller is elastomer-sealed, multi-gas/multi-range MFC designed for use in harsh industrial environments where resistance to liquid and dust ingress are essential.

The IE250A can be ranged from 100 to 250 slm (N2 equivalent). The IE250 is available with either analog I/O or digital I/O utilizing the latest control algorithms for fast and repeatable response to set point.

Settling times of 1 to 2 seconds and set point accuracy below 1% of setpoint exceeds typical high flow mass flow controllers. Precise control is maintained down to 2% of the IE250A's configured Full Scale flow range. Multi-gas/multi-range capability and tight performance specifications for accuracy, control range, and transient response minimize flow controller inventory requirements.

The multi-gas/multi-range feature and other custom controls are accessed through the embedded diagnostic interface. A standard Ethernet cable and JAVA-enabled HTML browser are the only tools needed. Critical gas parameters for typical high flow rate gases are already stored on the MFC. Configure an I-Series mass flow controller by selecting the gas from a drop-down menu and specify the desired Full Scale flow range. Perform routine device health checks, plot flow response, and store operating data for offline analysis with the I-Series MFC diagnostic interface.

Features & Benefits:

  • IP66-rated enclosure protects against water & dust in harsh environments
  • Fast response to set point change reduces flow stabilization time
  • Tight flow accuracy improves process matching
  • Reduced inlet pressure (pressure drop) requirement simplifies gas supply regulation
  • Multi-Gas/Multi-range reduced MFC inventory
  • Configuration/diagnostics via Ethernet & web browser - no special software needed


The MKS IE250A mass flow controller is designed for industrial applications where moisture and particulates are present. With its IP66-rated enclosure, the IE250A meets the stringent requirements of aggressive environments.