Senselink Data Gateway & Monitor
Analog & Digital Inputs and Serial Ports for Sensor Integration
with Web-based GUI for Real-time Data Visualization

Senselink Data Gateway & Monitor provides a unique, compact platform for remote data collection and monitoring in factory or remote processes. Senselink Data Gateway & Monitor is small enough to be mounted near any data source, to provide remote monitoring, alarm control and real-time data streaming to factory servers. Remote monitor configuration is done through a web browser interface or via XML based protocol.

Use Senselink Data Gateway & Monitor for acquiring analog, digital and serial data sources, without an external computer. Each signal is acquired and stored locally, and available via an XML protocol to a networked data host. The remote monitor unit's web browser user interface allows graphical access to critical process data using Java-based charting tools.

Senselink Data Gateway & Monitor is tightly integrated onto the MKS RMU embedded control and I/O platform to provide reliable processing and I/O for real-world data connectivity.

Through the integrated web-based interface, users can remotely monitor, log, control, and share real-time process information from connected equipment via a TCP/IP network. In addition, this data can be readily integrated into existing fab and data collection environments through Senselink Data Gateway & Monitor's XML based protocol to enable APC (advanced process control) and e-diagnostics.


  • Instant data collection and monitoring of digital and analog signals
  • Collect, analyze and store data at rates up to 100 Hz
  • Up to 4GB of data storage
  • Up to 96 Digital/Analog input points, plus serial and Ethernet drivers
  • Serial and Ethernet based device monitoring with turnkey drivers from MKS
  • Easy web browser user interface, with Instant graphing, alarming and data downloads


Maximum Data Storage: 4 GB CompactFlash
Maximum I/O on Board: 96
I/O Expansion: Modbus/TCP
RAM: 128 MB
Processor: 400 mHz
Ethernet: Dual 10/100
Serial Ports: 4
USB: Yes


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