PR4000B Digital Power Supply and Readout

photo - PR4000B Digital Power Supply and Readout

The Type PR4000B is a Digital Power Supply and Display module, available with either one or two channels and a 4.5 place backlit LCD display. It supports internal or external set points and master/slave control schemes. The single-channel version controls one Baratron® transducer or a Mass-Flo® meter or controller. Options include leak test, linearization, and totalizer functions. The two-channel version supports up to two pressure transducers or two mass flow controllers, or one of each. It mounts into a standard 3U half-rack opening.

Features & Benefits:

  • User-selectable engineering units for both pressure transducers and flow controllers
  • Menu-driven with simple set-up and operation
  • Two fully adjustable relay outputs for limit monitoring
  • Available with either 24VDC or ±15VDC output voltage


The PR4000B is for use with most MKS general purpose Baratron® pressure transducers and Mass-Flo® controllers.


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Part NumberDescriptionPriceQTY
PR4000BF2V22 channels, RS232, ±15VDC output, 1.5 ampsQuote Only
PR4000BF2V32 channels, RS232, +24VDC output, 1.0 ampsQuote Only
PR4000BF5V22 channels, RS485, ±15VDC output, 1.5 ampsQuote Only
PR4000BF5V32 channels, RS485, +24VDC output, 1.0 ampsQuote Only
PR4000BS2V2one channel, RS232, ±15VDC output, 1.5 ampsQuote Only
PR4000BS2V3one channel, RS485, +24VDC output, 1.0 ampsQuote Only

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