D24F Baratron® Heated Dual-Range Absolute Capacitance Manometer
(1-1000 Torr), Temperature Controlled to 45°C, with Trip Points
Direct, Absolute, Analog Pressure/Vacuum Measurement

photo - D24F Baratron Heated Dual-Range Absolute Capacitance Manometer, (1-1000 Torr), Temperature Controlled to 45 degrees C, with Trip Relays

The Baratron® D24F Dual-range Manometer, an application-specific absolute capacitance manometer, is the latest addition to the MKS family of general purpose manometers. With two distinct measurement outputs, the D24F provides accurate, reliable, and repeatable pressure measurements for multi-step processes. The D24F is temperature controlled at 45°C, and is available in full scale ranges of 10, 100 and 1000 Torr, with a customer specified second output at 2, 5, or 10 times lower full scale. The lower pressure limitation of system A/D resolution is now minimized with higher output signal levels. The instrument operates with ±15 VDC (±5%) input at 400 mA (max.), and provides two outputs of 0 to 10 VDC linear with pressure.

The D24F's sensor exposes only Inconel® to the process permitting the use with corrosive or dirty gases. Measurements are independent of gas composition. The D24F also features two trip point relays, each separately adjustable from 0.1 to 100% of Full Scale. Dual color LEDs indicate relay status. Typical relay uses include pump cross-over and valve activation. The modern stainless steel enclosure provides a cleanroom compatible product.

Features & Benefits:

  • Second output provides greater resolution over lower ranges
  • Percent of Reading accuracy for more repeatable output signal
  • Measures total pressure directly, independent of gas composition
  • Integrated sump for particle protection
  • High overpressure rating for improved reliability
  • All Inconel® sensor and wetted surfaces for corrosion resistance


Typical relay uses include pump cross-over and valve activation. The modern stainless steel enclosure makes the D24F cleanroom-compatible. Its dual output also makes the D24F ideal for multi-step processes.

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D24F13TCECB01000 Torr (mm Hg)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®10Quote Only
D24F13TGACB01000 Torr (mm Hg)NW16-KF10Quote Only
D24F12TCECB0100 Torr (mm Hg)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®10Quote Only
D24F12TCECB2100 Torr (mm Hg)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®2Quote Only

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