629F Baratron® Heated Absolute Capacitance Manometer
(0.02-20,000 Torr) with 9-Pin D-Subminiature Electrical Connector, Temperature Controlled to 45 or 100°C
Direct, Absolute, Analog Pressure/Vacuum Measurement

photo - 629F Baratron Heated Absolute Capacitance Manometer (0.02-20,000 Torr) with 9-Pin D-Subminiature Electrical Connector, Temperature Controlled to 45 or 100 degrees C

The RoHS-compliant 629F Baratron® process capacitance manometer is temperature controlled to either 45°C or 100°C, accurate to 0.12% of Reading, and includes improved temperature control electronics to provide superior long-term stability and repeatability. It has an optional external zero input. The "At Temperature" LED/switch indicates that the sensor is at controlled temperature and is available in Full Scale ranges down to 20 mTorr to accommodate today's lower process pressures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Percent of Reading accuracy for more precise output signal in lower pressure ranges
  • Full Scale ranges low as 20 mTorr for precise measurement of low pressure processes
  • Measures total pressure directly, independent of gas composition
  • Integrated sump for particle protection
  • Fast warm-up time
  • High overpressure rating for improved reliability


High-accuracy semiconductor, flat panel display, and industrial applications that require a heated manometer for repeatable vacuum and pressure measurement.

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VCR® is a registered trademark of Swagelok® Company.

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Part NumberTemperaturePressure Range Full ScaleFittingAccuracy readingOptionsPriceQTY
629F13TBDL1B100°C1000 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®0.25NoneQuote Only
629F13TDDL1B100°C1000 mmHg (Torr)NW16-KF0.25NoneQuote Only
629F13TBDJ1B45°C1000 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®0.12NoneQuote Only
629F13TDDJ2B45°C1000 mmHg (Torr)NW16-KF0.12Temperature/Status IndicationQuote Only
629F11TBDL1B100°C10 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®0.25NoneQuote Only
629F11TDDL3B100°C10 mmHg (Torr)NW16-KF0.25External ZeroQuote Only
629F11TBDJ2B45°C10 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®0.12Temperature/Status IndicationQuote Only
629F11TDDJ4B45°C10 mmHg (Torr)NW16-KF0.12External Zero & Heater StatusQuote Only
629F.1TBFL2B100°C0.1 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®0.5Temperature/Status IndicationQuote Only
629F.1TBEJ4B45°C0.1 mmHg (Torr)Swagelok® 8 female VCR®0.25External Zero & Heater StatusQuote Only

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