GBR3B Tru-Flo® Mass Flow Verifier

photo - GBR3B Tru-Flo Mass Flow Verifier

The MKS Tru-Flo® Mass Flow Verifier(MFV) is a fully integrated diagnostic instrument that provides in situ verification of mass flow controller (MFC) performance on semiconductor process tools. The Tru-Flo® MFV mass flow verifier measures a pressure rate-of-rise into a known volume at a known temperature to determine mass flow to within ±1% of Reading. It consists of a small gas volume, an MKS Baratron® pressure sensor, shut off valves, and control electronics combined into a single compact package. Tru-Flo® mass flow verifier can be easily incorporated into a process tool gas panel and communicates with a tool host computer via an RS-232 interface.

Higher System Uptime

  • In situ mass flow verification without MFC removal
  • Shorter measurement time than any other technique
  • Faster, more effective troubleshooting

Enhanced Process Control

  • Most accurate flow verification method
  • Widest flow verification range (up to 5000 sccm)
  • No risk of contamination due to MFC removal


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