2-Channel, Standalone Ozone Delivery System

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SEMOZON® AX8550 2-Channel, Standalone Ozone Delivery System provides maximum uptime and minimum complexity with its modular design. All modules are housed in a vented 19-inch rack. These advanced Ozone delivery systems may be configured with one or two SEMOZON® AX8400 series ozone generators with a choice of common or independent, dual-channel gas flow control.

Ozone Performance:

Typical System Performance with 8400 Series Generators

Features & Benefits:

  • Closed-loop concentration monitoring and control
  • Interface to tool and back pressure control
  • Overcurrent and ground fault protection
  • Cooling water distribution panel has filter, pressure indication & flow control


SEMOZON® AX8550 is uniquely suited for ozone applications in semiconductor fabrication, including TEOS/Ozone CVD, Ta2O5 CVD, photoresist strip, wafer cleaning, contaminant removal, surface conditioning, and oxide growth.