Rack Mounted Integrated Ozone Delivery Subsystem with Manual Gas & Pressure Control

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The SEMOZON AX8560 ozone delivery subsystem is a fully integrated ozone generator complete with internal ozone monitoring and control. The AX8560 incorporates MKS' field proven, high concentration, ultra clean ozone generation technology, an integrated ozone concentration monitor, flow control, and all necessary gauges and regulators for stand alone operation. The subsystem is compact and lightweight and may be stand alone, rack mounted or integrated into an AX8555 multichannel ozone delivery system.

Ozone Performance:

SEMOZON® AX8560 Ozone Performance

Features & Benefits:

  • Highest Ozone Concentration
  • Ultra clean Ozone
  • Compact footprint
  • Low cost of ownership


The AX8560 is designed specifically for low flow, high ozone concentration applications such as ALD.