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The SEMOZON® AX8407 is a high concentration, ultra-clean ozone generator. Through design enhancements, SEMOZON® AX8407 extends the capability of patented MKS cell technology and production-proven design providing the highest performance for its size.

AX8407 is the highest purity ozone generator on the market. It converts pure oxygen into ozone through silent electrical discharge and achieves the highest output concentration levels available. It requires only minute levels of dopant nitrogen gas, far below the levels required for competitive ozone generators. As a result, the ozone is ultra-clean and the presence of contaminants, e.g. NOx compounds, is extremely low.

Ozone Performance:

SEMOZON® AX8407 Series Performance


Ozone is an environmentally friendly alternative to many chemical processes. It has a high redox potential, can be generated at the point of use and is easily converted back to oxygen. Typical semiconductor ozone applications include TEOS/Ozone CVD, Ta2O5 CVD, photoresist strip, wafer cleaning, contaminant removal, surface conditioning, oxide growth, and ALD. Ozone is also ideally suited for use in pharmaceutical and water processing applications including cleaning, sterilization and disinfection, as well as Clean-In-Place (CIP).


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