Metal Etch Trap Parts and Accessories


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Part NumberDescriptionPriceQTY
100008680LTA Lead Kit with male and female connector and 10 feet of wireQuote Only
100010832Low Temperature Alert (LTA) MonitorQuote Only
100010897Trap ElementQuote Only
100760516Viton SealQuote Only
43PWRCORD04Power Cable, 120 VAC, with ground fault leakage circuit interrupter, 6ft (1.83m)Quote Only
4615-0103Entry Port Heater - NW 40, 120V, 3 inch lengthQuote Only
4615-1103Entry Port Heater - NW 40, with LTA, 120V, 3 inch lengthQuote Only
4620-0103Entry Port Heater - NW 50, 120V, 3 inch lengthQuote Only
4620-1103Entry Port Heater - NW 50, with LTA, 120V, 3 inch lengthQuote Only
9515-0269NW 40 Flange InsulatorQuote Only
9520-0247NW 50 Flange InsulatorQuote Only

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